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The goal of our web site is provide quick tool to compare betting adds, so having accounts at several bookie sites you can play with best odds. Thats cool but here is much more useful information. You are not good at all league but other bookmakers are and they give you very important tips. Different bookmakers provide different points at the same event. So you can take a look and analyze. For example Bookie A gives 1.75 at home team, but Bookie B gives 2.05. The Bookie A point is: home team is favourite (57% to win). If Bookie A is a solid bookmaker then we can trust it, then we go to Bookie B web site and place 2.05 "home team wins" bet.
Another story: Bookie A gives 2.00, Bookie B gives 2.00 and Bookie C gives 2.05. Its very important to look at odds dynamic. For example if Bookie A changes to 1.90, Bookie B changes to 1.95 and Bookie C still gives 2.05 then it makes sense place 2.05 bet, of course you need analyze the event by yourself first.
We are working on few articles to describe the most interesting tactics, join our blogs to keep in touch.
Online Casinos
Nowadays online casinos are very popular around the world. The first online casino is dated to 1996. With the advent of the first bookmaker office online (افضل مواقع المراهنات الريضية) in 1997, the largest corporations quickly saw the huge potential of the gambling market in the network. That's when the rapid growth and expansion of online casinos (лучшие онлайн казино) began. Now there are more than 15 thousand gambling establishments online. The range of services offered is several times greater than the list of available games – best online slots - in land gambling houses.
Betting Tips
We've started a blog on our web site to share experience and interesting ideas. Also every week we provide few betting tips.
Confederation Cup is over and now its time to think about World Cup 2014!
Here is the idea we tried on Euro-2012 and it worked that time.
Brazil: $210 x 4.50 (the profit is $945 - $740 = +$205)
Argentina $149 x 6.00 (+$154)
Germany $144 x 6.50 (+$196)
Spain $120 x 7.00 (+$100)
Italy $39 x 21.00 (+$80)
Netherlands $33 x 25.00 (+$85)
England $30 x 26.00 (+$40)
Portugal $15 x 51.00 (+$25)
total: $740

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